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has Crashed ( nigeria.mmm.net), you can click the link to verify. Yeah, this is the wish of those people that refused to register but envy you when you smile to the bank Week in, Week out.
Contrary to the cry for attention from the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, NIGERIA (SEC) that obviously don't know much about MMM(at least they don't know the correct url), Nigeria-mmm.net is still growing, and my mavro is growing like grass every Tuesdays and Thursdays. So disregard every news from one of the numerous useless government parastatal confusing people after receiving Brown envelopes from their pay masters. How can even sun news papers carry this useless and baseless news without proper investigations? What the hell is nigeria.mmm.net? Let me quote the SEC article:
The attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria (“SEC”) has been drawn to the activities of an online investment scheme tagged ‘MMM Federal Republic of Nigeria ( nigeria.mmm.net). The platform has embarked on an aggressive online media campaign to lure the investing public to participate in what it called “mutual aid financial network” with a monthly investment return of 30%
The Commission hereby notifies the investing public that the operation of this investment scheme has no tangible business model hence it’s a PONZI SCHEME where returns are paid from other people’s invested sum. Also, its operation is not registered by the Commission.
The general public is hereby advised to distance themselves from this online scheme. Please note that anyone that subscribe to this illegal activity does so at his/her own risk.What you see up there is complete bullcrap, mavrodians already understand the risks involved, because it is clearly stated in MMM Nigeriawebsite.
Read what other mavrodians are saying,
One Arc. Dickson has this to say:
Dear MMM participants, as I am poised to always bring you news, updates and encourage you about MMM and the opportunities it brings to Nigerians and people all over the world 'globally'.
This also comes with the challenges that some financial institutions, government officials who still want many to be under financial slavery, will keep using the media to preach against MMM. It's our responsibility as individuals, people to know you and I are MMM and we must sustain the community.
Many will raise false alarm about MMM, don't be shaken, it's becos they don't want u to live above your previous level (no one participate in MMM after a month and remain the same, that's the truth. You all can bear me witness)
The financial institutions in South Africa has challenged MMM with false media post But never won.
MMM SAis still running and stronger.
Don't be surprised if the Nigeria financial institutions, or sponsored bloggers or media gurus are paid to preach against MMM Nigeria to cause panic among its members.
Your duty is to know who u are in MMM, take full advantage in MMM community, be focused and liberate your friends, families and yourself from financial slavery and zealously pursue and participate effectively in MMM without fear.
Since these Anti-MMM cannot stop us from transferring money from and to bank accounts, you and I have no issue. *Don't indicate MMM when transferring or making deposit over the counter to accounts.
I say to myself that, I will cling to MMM till the end of the world Bcos MMM has helped me.
If you are new in MMM, don't worry in 30days you will smile.
let me quickly tell you this what these Anti-MMM will tell you. "MMM is a Ponzi Schemes, you will lose your money." .
Now MMM IS NOT a Ponzi Scheme, in Ponzi scheme old members don't put back their money.
NO FEAR, OUR SUCCESS IS SURE. Bcos you and I no longer go begging for financial help, some individuals somewhere somehow are angry. Don't let anyone force you and your friends to rely on anyone for your financial success.
I am MMM Ambassador
I remain and I STAND STRONG.
Dr. "Dumzy" a very popular figure in Rivers State, Nigeria also said;
MMM is not a scam, an MLM, HYIP, Bank or Investment company. MMM is a DONATION COMMUNITY where members have decided to help themselves gratuitously, without collateral, provide financial help to each other.
Thirdly, MMM advertises because of the way it works. Even the Banks and organizations do aggressive advertising. Even the banks need more customets to survive. MMM operates the way a stockvel operates. The point is, whose money has Sergei Mavrodi stolen. No member of MMM , anywhere in the world gives his or her money to Mr. Mavrodi. When you join MMM, you do not give your money to MMM. MMM or MMM founder Mr Mavrodi, I repeat, does not collect a dime from anyone anywhere in the world. We members give money to each other. We pay directly into the others Bank account.

Posted By David about 552 days ago

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